Ambush at the Oasis: A Pathfinder Encounter

Alone in the Sands and Rocks

Finalist, Lethal Lairs 2015 contest,

Ambush at the Oasis” is a CR 9 encounter for the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game. It is set in the Southlands campaign setting, available through Kobold Press, but can be adapted for use in any fantasy setting that has a desert.

According to legend, the blue wyrm Azdrar once looked upon his life and saw an emptiness that all his greed and machinations could not fill. Determined to turn over a new leaf, he spent the last decades of his life aiding travelers through the Sarklan Desert, serving as one of the only examples of a benevolent blue dragon the world has ever known.

Whether Azdrar truly reformed or not, a small desert spring in the Hariek Hills holds his bleached white bones and a ring of desert lupines that always seem to retain a vibrant hue. It is said that the waters of the oasis sprang forth from the tears of remorse the wyrm shed and that they possess curative properties. Continue reading

Lethal Lairs: Ambush at the Oasis

Lethal Lairs

Kobold Press is holding a “Lethal Lairs” contest that features multiple desert-raider themed encounters for the Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder RPGs. The winning encounter will land in the company’s upcoming Book of Lairs!

All five finalists are now available for your gaming pleasure on This includes my own encounter, “Ambush at the Oasis,” which adds some lore to the company’s Southlands campaign setting and introduces the Oasis of the Dragon Blossoms, usable in any fantasy campaign setting.

Voting will begin soon, so check out the entries now. And, if you’re running a desert-based game, consider dropping one of these encounters on unsuspecting PCs!

A Look at Pathfinder Comics: Issue #9

Pathfinder #9

Even with more than 1,500 monsters in the various Pathfinder bestiaries, there’s still no monster more iconic than a dragon. So it was only a matter of time until the Pathfindercomic series broke out a dragon fight. You would expect such a fight to be the climax of a story arc, but we’re only midway through. So what’s going on?

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