The Goblin Problem: A Short Pathfinder Adventure


The goblins of the Greymire are nuisances, but they rarely cause trouble for the village of Ardyne. The freshwater swamp they live in offers plenty of food and distractions, meaning they usually stay away from big folk. Despite a few instances of stolen chickens or raided junk heaps, relations between the goblins and locals are about as peaceful as it gets. However, the two societies have never seen each other as allies…until now.

The old meat and piles of garbage surrounding the goblin home have attracted some deadly pests – a flock of stirges. Afraid of the blood-sucking beast, the goblins have taken shelter and sent one unlucky soul to seek help.

“The Goblin Problem” is a short adventure for four 1st-level Pathfinder characters. It is specifically designed for younger players, featuring plenty of room for nonviolent solutions for those who wish to pursue them. However, it is also suitable for older, more experienced players.

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More Hands-On Dads Means Great Things for All Parents

Dad and Baby

We all know that times change, but I’m not sure we always appreciate how drastically they change. Take stay-at-home dads. They used to be rare but, as discussed in a recent NPR article, they’re becoming more common. The emergence of the stay at home dad has brought a slew of parenting changes for the future.

A survey from the Pew Research Center found that dads have more than doubled their family involvement since 1965, that fewer dads are the sole bread-winner for their family, and that more dads see parenting as central to their identity. However, there’s no road map – this new breed of father is learning as they go.

Even dads who still work full-time outside the home tend to be more hands-on with taking care of their kids. Fathers are changing diapers, cooking, cleaning, and driving kids to activities more than they did in previous generations. But because the roles have changed so dramatically, they don’t usually ask their own dads for advice.

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The Five Stages of Struggling Through Bedtime


My daughter is willful, and that will serve her well later in life. But right now that willfulness means that she refuses to sleep in her own bed at night, and that’s robbing my wife and I of precious shuteye. As such, the bedtime wars have begun.

Actually, they haven’t really begun so much as they’ve continued for a couple years now. We set rules about when she was allowed to climb into bed with us, and she’s ignored those rules. Exhaustion wins out in the end, and it’s hard to pick a fight with a preschooler at three in the morning.

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My Son Has a Better Reaction to Bullies than I Do


The deal my wife and I have with our kids is simple: they have to pick some sort of extracurricular activity, be it sports, dance, or what have you. If they don’t like it, they can try something else. The deal with myself is also simple: I don’t want to be a stereotypical sports parent.

By “stereotypical sports parent,” I mean the most negative stereotype out there – they kind of person who screams at coaches and generally acts like a boor instead of enjoying the game. I’m not that competitive a person, so in theory that’s an easy promise to keep. Despite that, I almost lost it yesterday.

On the bright side, it didn’t have anything to do with me being overly competitive. Instead, it had to do with one kid being a bully on the ice. This guy has been a problem for months, as he seems to think that sports exist only to pummel kids smaller than him.

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How Many Dumb Ways Can Parents Get Hurt?

Stretcher Injury

Parenting is hazardous work. With extra human beings to account for, your brain gets less focused on your immediate safety. Combine that with a lack of sleep and the fact that a houseful of kids is extremely chaotic, and it’s a wonder that most parents don’t win up in intensive care on a regular basis.

A recent thread on our community page saw a bunch of parents swallow their pride and put their stupidest injuries out there for all to see. Some of my personal favorites include:

“A friend opened her kitchen cupboard and a tupperware type bowl fell out and hit her in the head in just the right spot to knock her out cold. She woke up several minutes later on her kitchen floor.” (39tessmom)

“Pouring very very hot tea into a glass pitcher. I thought it was heat tempered. It was not. Exploded and got cuts and burns all over my hands and feet. Oh and I was 36 weeks pregnant at the time.” (clar155a)

“I busted my lip the day before my baby shower. I was trying to eat an apple. I brought it up to my mouth too fast and smashed my lip against my teeth because I didn’t open my mouth quick enough.” (ProfessorPlumII)

“When I was pregnant I misjudged just HOW FAR my belly stuck out while shaving my armpits, and while passing the razor to the opposite hand, I sliced my belly.” (PictureSarah)

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