Out Now: Conflicting Charms

Both dryads and harpies are known for their abilities to charm humanoids, but what happens when they go head-to-head? “Conflicting Charms” is a Dangerous Scenario that can be put into any forest adventure in your 5th edition campaign. Since it is part of the En5ider Patreon, you can get this and more than 500 more articles for your game when you sign up.

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Out Now: Peace in the Border Kingdoms

Many old-school D&D players cut their teeth on the classic adventure module B2: Keep on the Borderlands. It’s been over 40 years since that module was released, and I wanted to revisit the themes of that adventure with a modern twist. Taking place in the land of Elissar, “Peace in the Border Kingdoms” gives PCs the opportunity to reshape the land by negotiating with or fighting against three warlords who have been causing trouble in the fledgling Border Kingdoms. This adventure provides a challenge to 10th-level characters who may be able to shape a realm of their own.

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Out Now: Vault of Splintered Souls

Brave the megadungeon! To celebrate 500 issues of En5ider, the folks at EN Publishing have provided a 13-level megadungeon for your fantasy RPG heroes to delve into! The Vault of Splintered Souls represents a massive endeavor with many talented writers and artists who have contributed to En5ider over the years. My own level is the tenth in the dungeon: “Trials of the Storykeeper.” If your heroes get there, let me know how they do!

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Coming Soon: The Vault of Splintered Souls

En5ider is celebrating their 500th issue this week with a special megadungeon! Take your mid-level characters into the Vault of Splintered Souls, a 13-level megadungeon that will challenge them in all new ways!

I was lucky enough to be part of the dungeon designing team for this one. Check out my level, “Trials of the Storykeeper,” and let me know what you think?

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Out Now: Dungeon Builders

Not every villain with a lair takes some old moldy ruins from a bygone era. Some turn to the Dungeon Builders, a society dedicated to meeting the greatest architectural challenges of its era. This article through En5ider provides a history of the organization, a new monster, and new magic items integral to dungeon building.

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Out Now: Tellara the Story Thief

Some thieves go for gold, while others strive for glory. Tellara the Story Thief is a potential villain for your D&D games who uses her enchantment magic to rewrite tales and become the heroine in every story.

This new article for En5ider presents a new villain for your D&D game, plus special magic items that she uses to work her charms. By subscribing to the En5ider Patreon, you get this article and almost 500 more to enhance your games!

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Out Now: The Abode of Unending Comfort

The heroes enter a well-appointed home and find themselves so cozy that they don’t want to leave. Little do they know that the house wants them to stay, too…

“The Abode of Unending Comfort” is the latest Dangerous Scenario in EN5ider, presenting a compelling encounter for your D&D 5th edition game. By subscribing to the EN5ider Patreon, you can get this and over 450 other articles to enhance your D&D game.

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Out Now: Massacre in the Lost Warren

The PCs don’t always get to a dungeon first. In the mini-adventure “Massacre in the Lost Warren,” they arrive after another group of adventurers has cleaned the place out. However, those treasure-hunting fools don’t know the dangerous magic they possess…

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Out Now: Tome of Beasts 2

Need more monsters for your D&D game? Kobold Press has you covered! Tome of Beasts 2 brings in 400 new monsters to the game, allowing you to spice up adventures with cool new allies and enemies that will catch your players by surprise!

Why do I mention this book here? Because I’m tucked away in the credits as a contributor! My monster, the dream-walking fey known as the yumerai, appears in this tome. Check it and the hundreds of other great monsters out today!

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Out Now: Vengar the Reader

Vengar the Reader

Few people know goblins as sages and spellcasters, but Vengar the Reader proves that it can happen. A new Dungeons & Dragons villain who combines a goblin’s dangerous sense of curiosity with some deadly necromantic surprises, Vengar and his minions are ready to drop into any adventure or campaign.

This articles for En5ider provides a new spellcasting villain and several new options to enhance undead for use on unsuspecting PCs. By subscribing to the En5ider Patreon, you can get this and more than 300 other D&D articles to enhance your game!

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