Out Now: Despicable Deeds

Despicable Deeds

Wayward Rogues’ Whispers of the Dark Mother mini-adventure path continues with my entry into the series, Despicable Deeds! On the trail of the cult of Shub-Niggurath, the PCs must enter a haunted house whose residents have been corrupted by the Dark Mother. What secrets lie within Bhestos Manor? More importantly, as one particularly dangerous monster hunts the PCs through the haunted corridors, will they survive long enough to learn those secrets?

Dark Deeds is an adventure for 3rd-level Pathfinder characters. It is intended to serve as part of the ongoing Whispers of the Dark Mother mini-adventure path, but it also can be modified to stand alone as a haunted house adventure.

The adventure is available in PDF format through the following links:

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