Book Review and Giveaway: OH! The Things You Can See In The Dark!

OH! The Things You Can See In The Dark!

Darkness can mean many different things to kids. It can be something scary or something wonderful, depending on the perspective. OH! The Things You Can See in the Dark! by Cathleen Francisco definitely skews toward the latter, presenting the many wonders of the night.

Advertised as appropriate for ages three and up, this book has value to older kids and adults, too. Each page features something that you see at night, be it animals, natural phenomenon, or the lights of a Ferris wheel. A short poem accompanies these images, and more in-depth facts show up on the facing page.

The art is a big draw for this book. The pages are black, which makes the colors really pop. The pictures seem slightly surreal, but never get too unrealistic. Each picture holds many details, and my kids had great fun searching through the images to see what they could find.

Read more and enter for a chance to win at!

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