6 Reasons a Library Card is More Useful Than You Think

Public Library

September is Library Card Sign-up Month, which targets the 40-50% of modern Americans who don’t currently have library cards. In the day and age of the Internet and easy access to information from virtually any device, one might wonder what role libraries still play. Can your local public library still enrich your kid’s life?

Well, this would be an awfully short blog entry if the answer was “No.” Although libraries have more technology and better computers than they did when I was a kid, they still play about the same role – they’re a great way for kids to direct their own reading, do research, and build social skills.

Why should your kid have a library card in a world where Amazon.com and Wikipedia are accessible with a moment’s notice? Here’s a few of the advantages that libraries still offer even in a world of easy Internet access.

Read more at BabyCenter.com!

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