Captain America is Ruined Forever! (But Not Really)

Steve Rogers Captain America #1After several years of not being Captain America, Steve Rogers has once again donned his iconic blue suit, albeit with a few changes to the overall look.

Oh yeah…there’s one other big change to the original Captain America – one which, according to many people on the Internet, ruins him forever.

Since Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 only hit shelves this week, I’ll add an off-topic spoiler space for those who want a chance to be surprised by the big twist.

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Following the debut of Awesome Adventures, Andy wrote and drew a short comic of his own, which you can find here. The following month, I returned as a writer in a story called “Heaven.” I had fiddled with this plot for a long time but couldn’t make it work as a short story. Adding the visual element of a comic got it going.

Had Andy continued to be my art mule and not required to do things like earn a wage and spend time with his family, we would have revisited this character. A second script that I wrote but which never got art added to it established a running gag: this guy loves spaceships, but can’t fly worth a damn. He basically gets a ship, crashes it into a planet filled with monsters, and then fights his way to the next sleeker-looking ship.

As with all the Awesome Adventures comics, Andy Porwitzky provided art and editorial oversight. You can find more of his work at

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The Discount Hitman

Back in 2010 and 2011, my friend Andy Porwitzky and I collaborated on a short-lived series of one-shot webcomics called Awesome Adventures Comics. These comics have recently been recovered, and I intend to post them here over the next few weeks.

The first comic, “The Discount Hitman,” was Andy’s take on a silly short story I had written.

For more information about Andy’s work, head over to for a full listing of his fiction and non-fiction publications.

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Pathfinder: Origins #2

Pathfinder: Origins #2

With Valeros having told his story in the previous issue, Pathfinder #2 brings us Kyra’s tale. Valeros interrupts the issue by expressing his concern that this is going to be a preachy religious screed. Kyra doesn’t alleviate concerns all that much, since the first thing she does in her story is loudly proclaim that she’s far too holy to drink wine at a tavern.

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Pathfinder: Origins #1

Pathfinder Origins 1

As a series, Pathfinder: Origins scratches many itches of mine. Although the six stories are all interconnected, they are presented as a series of one-shots – a story format that I think the comics industry needs more of. Each one-shot reduces the cast significantly, giving us more character development for each of our heroes. As an added bonus, this series also introduces the other six iconic characters from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, showing us what these other adventurers are up to.

The series picks up a few weeks after Pathfinder:City of Secrets ended, with our heroes trying to track down the puppetmaster behind the conspiracy that threatened Magnimar. Unfortunately, local venture-captain Sheila Heidmarch won’t allow them access to the Pathfinder Society’s vault – and for pretty good reasons.

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7 Comics That Are Great For Kids And Adults

Wow Comics

It’s been three years since I first rambled on about comic books and kids. Since then, my wife has given birth to another child and I’ve picked up a tablet. The former means that I get to read even more comics than before. The latter means I now have access to hundreds of free comics.

I did a lot of thinking about gender roles in comics when our daughter was born. Superhero comics are pretty sexist (though they are slowly getting better), and I spent a lot of time looking for stories with strong female protagonists.

The end result? My son’s favorite superhero is Wonder Woman. My daughter’s is the Hulk. I’m going to go ahead and chalk up my gender politics worries as overthinking things. If you pick out good stories, the rest will follow and kids will pick out the stuff they love the most.

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Pathfinder: City of Secrets #4

City of Secrets #4

In the last issue, the bad guys did a hit and run on our heroes, injuring but failing to kill Kyra. This issue opens up with the group hot on their trail. They quickly learn that the villains not only cut out the hearts of priests of the sun goddess Sarenrae, but they’ve also taken the bodies of some of the fallen faithful.

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