Out Now: Despicable Deeds

Despicable Deeds

Wayward Rogues’ Whispers of the Dark Mother mini-adventure path continues with my entry into the series, Despicable Deeds! On the trail of the cult of Shub-Niggurath, the PCs must enter a haunted house whose residents have been corrupted by the Dark Mother. What secrets lie within Bhestos Manor? More importantly, as one particularly dangerous monster hunts the PCs through the haunted corridors, will they survive long enough to learn those secrets?

Dark Deeds is an adventure for 3rd-level Pathfinder characters. It is intended to serve as part of the ongoing Whispers of the Dark Mother mini-adventure path, but it also can be modified to stand alone as a haunted house adventure.

The adventure is available in PDF format through the following links:

Conquest of Greystone Valley is Here!

Conquest of Greystone Valley

Conquest of Greystone Valley, the sequel to 2013’s Greystone Valley, is now on sale! You can get your copy at any of the following links:

You don’t have to have read Greystone Valley to jump right into this new adventure and know what’s going on. If you want to learn more about the setting of Greystone Valley and the characters that inhabit it, check back here for more information about this new novel!

The Great Greystone Valley Preorder Giveaway!

Conquest of Greystone Valley

Have you preordered your copy of Conquest of Greystone Valley yet? If not, here’s an extra reason to do so. Anybody who preorders a copy of the novel through Grey Gecko Press before its release on October 31st gets a chance to win some free swag!

One random person will be selected to receive $25 and a signed hardcover copy of Conquest of Greystone Valley. A second person will receive a signed copy of the paperback version of the novel.

To get a chance to win, all you need to do is preorder a copy of the novel in any format through Grey Gecko Press. If you’ve already preordered, you’re already entered!

Stay tuned for more Conquest of Greystone Valley updates in the coming weeks!

Conquest of Greystone Valley is Available to Pre-Order!

Conquest of Greystone Valley“Quick! Everybody count your fingers and toes!”

Halloween seems like a long way off, but in less than three months Conquest of Greystone Valley will be on the shelves! The sequel to Greystone Valley, this novel takes Sarah back to the world between worlds, where she and her friends must face a new villain who now rules the valley with an iron fist.

Conquest of Greystone Valley is now available for pre-order through Grey Gecko Press! To see what Sarah and the gang are up to, click the link below and reserve your copy!

Preorder Now:


Image: Jessica von Braun

Conquest of Greystone Valley: Coming Halloween 2016!

Conquest of Greystone Valley

Another bolt of lightning struck Sarah. It tickled this time.

With cover art by the amazing Jessica von Braun and the help of a terrific editorial team at Grey Gecko Press, Conquest of Greystone Valley will soon be on the shelves!

A mysterious new villain has conquered Greystone Valley and done her best to keep Sarah from returning. But armed with friends old and new, she’s ready to enter the world between worlds once again!

Conquest of Greystone Valley will be available for sale on October 31st. In the meantime, keep an eye over at the Grey Gecko Press store, where you’ll have a chance to preorder it soon!


Image: Jessica von Braun

Out Now: Wayfinder #15

Wayfinder #15

Journey to the River Kingdoms with a beautiful 84-page fanzine designed for the Pathfinder role-playing game!

Wayfinder is created for fans by fans, and the newest issue is now available for free. This issue features my Wayfinder debut in two articles: a pair of new characters from a bandit-plagued land in “The Misfits of Wilkesmont” and a new fantasy/horror short story in “Matters of Faith.”

You can download the issue for free on Paizo.com. Click here to check out the awesome!

Out Now: The Lighter Side of Necromancy

The Lighter Side of Necromancy

Not all necromancers want to raise an army of undead – some are devoted to the positive aspects of death and its connection to life. “The Lighter Side of Necromancy” is an article for EN World’s TRAILseeker magazine that explores role-playing tips and new game options for good-aligned necromancers in the Pathfinder role-playing game.

A $1 donation can get you this article and 60 other articles that have been published for TRAILseeker! Check out this online resource here!

Out Now: Tales from the Laughing Dragon Inn

Tales from the Laughing Dragon Inn

Looking for a quick one-session Pathfinder adventure? Wayward Rogues Publishing has just released Tales from the Laughing Dragon Inn, which features five of them. Each revolve around a local inn that is part of the Shattered Skies campaign setting that can easily be added to any fantasy world.

My own adventure, “A Comfortable Skin,” is one of the five. The full roster of adventures includes:

  • “Dust to Dust” by Kendra Leigh Speedling (for 4th-level characters)
  • “The Demon’s Paw” by Rodney Sloan (for 6th-level characters)
  • “Under the Revenant’s Mask” by Thiago Rosa (for 6th-level characters)
  • “Take Me to the River” by Anthony Torretti (for 8th-level characters)
  • “A Comfortable Skin” by Charlie Brooks (for 10th-level characters)

You can get all five adventures through the following sources:

Check it out!

Catch the Greystone Valley Sale!

Greystone Valley

Greystone Valley is a featured deal on BookBub starting today! That means that for a limited time, you can pick up a copy of the eBook through your favorite online retailer for only 99 cents!

You can take advantage of this deal through any of the retailers below. Check out the novel and let people know what you think by writing a review!