About Meddling Heroes

My latest novel, Meddling Heroes, is now on sale in both paperback and e-copy. While the books find their way to local stores and libraries, you can order your copies at the links below.

This novel presents Roosevelt Pythagoras, a newly-released supervillain who must solve the mystery of his own murder before it happens. Does his villainy lead to his demise, or did one of those meddling heroes do it? He is joined by his defense attorney Eva Corson, who has more than professional goals in mind for this case…

Wait…why does the name Roosevelt Pythagoras sound familiar?

Other than the historical figures that the name draws from, Roosevelt Pythagoras was the mad scientist/protagonist of my short story “Flinch,” which received honorable mention in the 2018 New Millennium Writings Fiction Awards. If you haven’t read that story yet, I’ll be posting it here in the coming days.

And yes, there’s more!

As with my Greystone Valley novels, I’ll be adding information about the world of Meddling Heroes to this site in weeks to come. This supplemental information isn’t needed to enjoy the book, which stands alone, but helps to flesh out the world around Roosevelt’s adventures. You can check the Meddling Heroes section of this site for more.

Get ready for a world of zany comic book style fun! Meddling Heroes is now available!

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