Coming Soon: Meddling Heroes

Every day, my captors wake me up, strip me naked, and check for microchips in my brain.

Roosevelt Pythagoras has nine PhDs, a litany of crimes, and several lifetime sentences in a maximum security prison. He is the world’s most notorious supervillain…or was, until his exoneration days ago. Now he must win over the trust of a superhero community who wants him either dead or behind bars, all while trying to solve the most puzzling murder of all: his own.

Meddling Heroes is my latest novel featuring a supervillain-turned-detective who must solve his own murder before it happens. The mystery unfolds in a world of superheroes, magicians, and time travelers. Come along for the journey and try to solve a mystery in a world where anything is possible.

Meddling Heroes will be available in print beginning May 4, 2023 and on the Kindle shortly after that. In the meantime, check out the new Meddling Heroes section of this site for background information and hints that can help you explore this superpowered whodunnit!

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