How Many Dumb Ways Can Parents Get Hurt?

Stretcher Injury

Parenting is hazardous work. With extra human beings to account for, your brain gets less focused on your immediate safety. Combine that with a lack of sleep and the fact that a houseful of kids is extremely chaotic, and it’s a wonder that most parents don’t win up in intensive care on a regular basis.

A recent thread on our community page saw a bunch of parents swallow their pride and put their stupidest injuries out there for all to see. Some of my personal favorites include:

“A friend opened her kitchen cupboard and a tupperware type bowl fell out and hit her in the head in just the right spot to knock her out cold. She woke up several minutes later on her kitchen floor.” (39tessmom)

“Pouring very very hot tea into a glass pitcher. I thought it was heat tempered. It was not. Exploded and got cuts and burns all over my hands and feet. Oh and I was 36 weeks pregnant at the time.” (clar155a)

“I busted my lip the day before my baby shower. I was trying to eat an apple. I brought it up to my mouth too fast and smashed my lip against my teeth because I didn’t open my mouth quick enough.” (ProfessorPlumII)

“When I was pregnant I misjudged just HOW FAR my belly stuck out while shaving my armpits, and while passing the razor to the opposite hand, I sliced my belly.” (PictureSarah)

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