7 Superpowers that Parents Gave to Santa


Santa Claus is a pretty powerful guy. Not only is he the ultimate moral arbiter for billions of people across the globe, but he’s developed an ever-increasing array of magical powers. He started as a Turkish monk who had a penchant for charity, and is now an immortal being with a flying sled.

No matter what social obstacles come up over the years, it seems that Santa has a way of overcoming them. Chimneys go out of style? He finds another magical way of entering people’s homes. Surveillance too tough on a planet with billions of people? Now he has legions of shelf-dwelling elves to aid him.

Santa’s amazing powers are a testament to parents’ creativity. Every time kids discover a seeming impossibility, we whip up something new to keep the game going. It’s only a matter of time before the guy gets a magical flying workshop to counteract the problem of an ever-shrinking North Pole.

Since I’m a big fan of tabletop role-playing games, I can explain Santa’s power inflation as a simple result of him leveling up. He now has centuries of experience, a lot of different allies, and some magical items that he’s accumulated over a long career.

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