Countdown to Conquest: 6 First Lines

GrimjawThere are only six days left until the release of Conquest of Greystone Valley! That means you have only a matter of days to take advantage of the Great Greystone Valley Giveaway! It also means that it’s time for another short preview.

This time around, I’m revealing the opening lines to each of the first six chapters. If you can guess the trajectory of the book from there, good for you! If you’re waiting in suspense to find out more, stay tuned!

Chapter One

Another bolt of lightning struck Sarah. It tickled this time.

Chapter Two

The nurse gave Sarah a wet cloth to clean the blood from her hand. She was pretty sure it didn’t belong to her.

Chapter Three

Silent, knife-wielding lunatics didn’t worry Sarah at all.

Chapter Four

Carrie’s head felt like somebody had tried to split it open like a coconut, and the rest of her body felt worse.

Chapter Five

“Quick! Everybody count your fingers and toes!”

Chapter Six

A beast-man with a boar’s head ran forward, stopping a few feet away from Dax’s waiting blade. The rest fanned out in a circle around the companions.

“You,” the boar-man said, “are trespassing.”

Stay tuned for more previews and tidbits soon!


Image: Jessica Von Braun

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