How do Disney Princesses really affect kids’ self-esteem?

Disney PrincessesA recent study by Brigham Young University took aim at the Disney Princess line to determine exactly what kind of effects that franchise has on children. The results showed a generally negative impact on girls, but it raises an important question: how reliable are these studies, anyway?

Before I start talking about the results, let’s take some time to put the study in perspective. This project involved 198 preschoolers who were quizzed about their familiarity with the Disney Princess line. The data gathered included reports from parents and teachers as well as child observations.

What does that mean? It means that, like many research projects that hit the news, this isn’t a definitive study – it’s just a start. You’re talking about 198 kids in a population of millions, and the data here is subject to interpretation from parents, teachers, and researchers. This study suggests things – it doesn’t prove them.

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