Out Now: Tales from the Laughing Dragon Inn

Tales from the Laughing Dragon Inn

Looking for a quick one-session Pathfinder adventure? Wayward Rogues Publishing has just released Tales from the Laughing Dragon Inn, which features five of them. Each revolve around a local inn that is part of the Shattered Skies campaign setting that can easily be added to any fantasy world.

My own adventure, “A Comfortable Skin,” is one of the five. The full roster of adventures includes:

  • “Dust to Dust” by Kendra Leigh Speedling (for 4th-level characters)
  • “The Demon’s Paw” by Rodney Sloan (for 6th-level characters)
  • “Under the Revenant’s Mask” by Thiago Rosa (for 6th-level characters)
  • “Take Me to the River” by Anthony Torretti (for 8th-level characters)
  • “A Comfortable Skin” by Charlie Brooks (for 10th-level characters)

You can get all five adventures through the following sources:

Check it out!

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