Pathfinder: Origins #1

Pathfinder Origins 1

As a series, Pathfinder: Origins scratches many itches of mine. Although the six stories are all interconnected, they are presented as a series of one-shots – a story format that I think the comics industry needs more of. Each one-shot reduces the cast significantly, giving us more character development for each of our heroes. As an added bonus, this series also introduces the other six iconic characters from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, showing us what these other adventurers are up to.

The series picks up a few weeks after Pathfinder:City of Secrets ended, with our heroes trying to track down the puppetmaster behind the conspiracy that threatened Magnimar. Unfortunately, local venture-captain Sheila Heidmarch won’t allow them access to the Pathfinder Society’s vault – and for pretty good reasons.

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