My Kids Became a Butt-Kicking Princess and a Friendly Zombie

Preschool Pathfinder

I don’t try to get my kids interested in my hobbies, but it’s inevitable to a certain degree. I spend time watching Little Einsteins and drinking imaginary tea, and they want to join in my card games and help me write. That’s how they got involved in a role-playing game with me this past weekend.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, a role-playing game is essentially a game of Cowboys and Indians with a set of formalized rules attached. I play these games with my friends, and my son got really curious when he saw me printing out pictures of wizards and elves prior.

He asked for a picture of a zombie, but the printer kept jamming so I couldn’t give him one. Instead, I reached into my copy of the Pathfinder Beginner Box and gave him a stand-up counter of a zombie. The fact that I had this stuff on hand stirred up his curiosity in a huge way.

I figured the Beginner Box would be fun to play with my kids sometime, but I didn’t image it would happen at four and two. It does have a lot of cool stuff, though – funny-shaped dice, pictures of heroes, and cool-looking maps. The more they looked at it, the more both kids wanted to play.

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